Carmel Mountain Vision Care is proud to offer a state-of-the-art technology for detecting and tracking glaucoma called OCT nerve fiber analysis. This technology was developed by a company in Rancho Bernardo, not far from our office. Today, OCT is recognized as one of the best measurements to assist in diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma. The OCT is a significant breakthrough over existing tests. The standard pressure check (tonometry) is ineffective for detecting glaucoma in a high percentage of patients diagnosed with the disease.

Visual field testing (perimetry) is limited to measuring vision already lost to glaucoma. Nerve fiber analysis allows our doctors to see the pattern and thickness of nerve fibers inside your eyes, and then compares the results to normal values. If your nerve fibers are thinner than normal, this could indicate glaucoma long before any vision is lost. At your eye examination, ask your doctor whether you have risk factors for glaucoma that make this simple and safe measurement appropriate for you.