The Optomap Retinal Exam is a state-of-the-art method of evaluating the retina, the sensitive lining inside the eye. Carmel Mountain Vision Care was one of the first practices in California to offer the Optomap retinal scan, beginning in November, 2002.

The new Daytona Optomap shows the widest field of the retina, detecting 66% more eye and general health disease

The Optomap retinal image gives our doctors a much larger view (up to 200 degree view) of the retina than conventional imaging technology. The images are captured in less than a second and become immediately available for the doctor and you to review. The procedure is non-invasive and simple enough that children can have it done. The Optomap retinal images become part of your permanent exam record, available for future comparison and analysis from year to year. Additionally, the Optomap greatly reduces the likelihood of eye dilation while improving the doctor’s ability to detect early signs of eye disease.

Our doctors have integrated the Optomap into our annual eye health examination. We do not regard this measurement as optional although not all third party plans cover this advanced diagnostic screening. This is why our office charges just $39 for this service which is less than the usual per-use fee which the manufacturer charges doctor offices. We thank our patients for accepting the Optomap performed as part of their eye examination. Doing so allows us to render the best eye care possible.

Watch this short and fascinating video about retinal imaging using the optomap: