QuantifEYE® is a unique program of AMD risk assessment and intervention. AMD is reaching epidemic proportions and risk assessment for AMD has always been a challenge…Until Now! QuantifEYE® now gives Carmel Mountain Vision Care the means to determine potential risk for AMD. This program is affordable, results are measurable, and testing is convenient.

Baby Boomers are a generation now facing the challenges of AMD. They are also more likely to be proactive in researching their options for intervention. Early risk assessment and prevention needs to start with patients in their 20’s. Carmel Mountain Vision Care now has the ability to assess risk for AMD, take a proactive approach by providing a professionally formulated supplement to help reduce the risk for developing this debilitating disease. This program allows for both the doctor and the patient to see the positive benefits of supplementation on follow-up visits by measuring the change in macular pigment ( a key risk factor.)

Carmel Mountain Vision Care are at the forefront in prevention of eye disease. Now patients can receive a comprehensive risk assessment that includes an evaluation of potential health/history factors, measurement of their macular pigment levels, and a retinal exam. This approach ensures everything possible is being done to aid in the prevention of this devastating disease.