Carmel Mountain Vision Care is pleased to provide our patients with computerized side vision anaylsis, or automated visual field analysis. During routine examination, all of our patients undergo a screening side vision measurement with the Humphrey FDT (Frequency Doubling Technology) Perimeter, which provides a clinically verified and rapid method of detecting early side vision loss. Side vision loss can signal glaucoma, damage to the retina, or even life-threatening lesions in the central nervous system.

In situations when a highly detailed or “threshold” measurement of side vision is required, our patients undergo measurement with our Humphrey Field Analyzer HFA II, the gold standard in glaucoma management. Statistical tools offered by the HFA II are backed by decades of research and clinical validation. Since we own a Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer HFA II, our patients are afforded the comfort and convenience of not having to go elsewhere when this measurement is necessary, thereby minimizing any delay in getting you the test results, not only for earlier diagnosis, but your peace of mind.