Q. Are there things I can do to prevent Dry Eye?
A. Dr. Reeder: There are nutritional supplements which are very helpful such as Omega-3’s (fish oil), staying hydrated (drinking enough water throughout the day).

Q. Does insurance cover treatment of Dry Eye?
A. Dr. Reeder: Yes, it many times does since Dry Eye is recognized as a disease. If you are having certain signs on the surface of your eye, then yes. There are different diagnoses which will qualify as medically necessary and will be covered by your medical plan.

Q. Is there any way to prevent myopia?
A. Dr. Reeder: Genetics plays a factor in contracting myopia. The only thing we can control (since we can’t pick our parents) is how we use our eyes. The digital screen time is what is dangerous, and the amount of time children spend on cell phones, laptops, computers, iPad’s, etc.

The amount of screen time has doubled in the last 30 years, and the amount of the near-sighted work that we do has also increased. This could be considered an epidemic. There are a whole host of eye health issues – when your number goes above 4.0, 5.0 for sure and 6.0 and above there is a higher chance of retinal detachments, and later in life glaucoma, and other degeneration because the eye is so stretched. That is what a near-sighted eye is, a long stretched out eye.