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No Surgery Needed: But Is CRT For Me?


Corneal Reshaping Therapy is frequently a good option for nearsighted individuals who are too young for LASIK surgery or for some other reason are not good candidates for vision correction surgery. Because it can be discontinued at any time without permanent change to the eye, people of any age can try the procedure, as long as their eyes are healthy.

Corneal Reshaping Therapy is particularly appealing for people who participate in sports, or who work in dusty, dirty environments that can make contact lens wear difficult. Find out
How Corneal Reshaping Therapy works!

Take the Quiz – Do any of these situations apply?

1) Are there times in your day that you would rather not have to wear glasses for crisp vision?
Yes / No

2) Do you have an interest in learning about a treatment with the benefits ofthe laser, but without invasive surgery?
Yes / No

3) Are dry, uncomfortable contacts affecting your life?
Yes / No

4) Is your child’s vision getting worse and is there nothing to prevent itfrom progressing?
Yes / No

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for CRT.