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How Corneal Reshaping Therapy Works

Corneal Reshaping involves the wearing of special gas permeable contact lenses each night while you sleep, gently reshaping your cornea and correcting your vision.

The front part of your eye, known as the cornea, helps shape light as it enters, making a clear image at the back of your eye. If the cornea is shaped incorrectly, images become blurry. As its name suggests, Corneal Reshaping Therapy gently reshapes your cornea, reshaping it to bend light in such a way that it allows you the best sight possible. This procedure takes place while you sleep, meaning that each and every morning, when you wake up, you simply take out your contact lenses and you are able to enjoy eyesight up to 20/20 all day long.

Currently, there are two brands of Corneal Reshaping Therapy approved by the FDA: Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) from Paragon Vision Sciences and Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) from Bausch & Lomb.