Why You Need A Dedicated Eye DoctorIt is important to have a full complement of medical professionals for your family, including a dedicated eye doctor. Visual health is important at every age, and especially so for school age children and seniors.

At Carmel Mountain Vision Care Optometry, we are here to service all of your family’s vision needs. Visiting an optometrist every year for a general eye exam is just the beginning of complete eye care.  Having eye care in your family’s overall health plan will allow your optometrist to gain familiarity with your family’s eye health and be able to spot problems before they grow into something more serious.


At Carmel Mountain Vision Care Optometry, we are here to provide the high level of eye care that you expect for your family. In addition to our full-service eye exams, we also offer emergency services should an object enter your eye and you require immediate care.

We also help treat dry eye symptoms and other eye irritations that can be both a nuisance and in some instances, a sign of a deeper problem. Having a regular eye doctor that knows your health needs and any issues that you may have with your vision will allow them to be more effective in addressing all of your vision needs.

Illnesses such as diabetes are often first caught by an optometrist or other eye care professionals, their ability to catch the symptoms early on can make an impactful difference on the effectiveness of treatment. Knowing that your Carmel Mountain optometrist is familiar with the needs of your family can give greater peace of mind.


School age children are often undiagnosed when they have vision problems that can have a very adverse effect on their participation and success in school. The optometrists at Carmel Mountain Vision Care Optometry are well equipped and trained to spot such issues and rectify them immediately in order to minimize any detrimental effect on your child’s education.

Vision care is often treated as an afterthought which can cause harm to youngsters who require vision care. We also have a full-line of eyeglass frames and our staff will work with your children to find the right pair for their face shape and personality. We are experienced in working with young children to help them to overcome any discomfort that they may experience with their new glasses. Our staff understands that for young children having to wear glasses can be a challenging experience.


Our offices are state of the art and our staff is here to address any issues that you may have with scheduling, choosing eyeglass frames, and filing insurance paperwork. It has been our pleasure to serve the greater San Diego area for over 30 years and we look forward to meeting your family!

Please give our friendly and helpful staff a call today to schedule an appointment!