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Getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care. But seeing clearly is just one part of your overall eye health. It’s important to have regular eye exams with an optometrist whether or not you wear eyeglasses or contacts, and even if your vision is sharp. 

Your Eye Health is important to us at Carmel Mountain Vision Care in San Diego

The eye doctors at Carmel Mountain Vision Care believe in looking at the big picture when it comes to your eye health, so we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history and your vision needs. Doctors Cook, Reeder, Bytomski and Sandler know that getting the right prescription involves balancing several factors, including clear eyesight, visual efficiency and your ability to process visual information seamlessly. Whether you need a routine eye examination, an eyeglasses fitting or treatment for eye disease (such as dry eye, glaucoma or macular degeneration) or eye surgery (such as LASIK or cataract surgery), our optometrists will provide you with the best care, advice, options and follow up. 

We specialize in Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT) and Myopia Control. Dr Reeder is proud to be an FDA Clinical study investigator for this exciting treatment. Our clinic now has over 900 patients from 5 to 67 years old successfully wearing CRT since July of 2000.

Q&A with Our Optometric Team

Our Optometrists Answer Your Eyecare Questions

How do I know if my child needs vision therapy?  

Dr. Barbara Bytomski Responds:

Your child may need vision therapy if there is a vision or learning problem that can not be helped or explained with glasses or other treatment tools. Surprisingly, many learning problems are caused by vision issues. Some red-light symptoms are if your child has difficulty reading even though his vision has been tested as normal, has headaches, is uncoordinated, or has difficulty learning for no apparent reason. Vision therapy has a high success rate in helping children who have otherwise undiagnosed vision problems.

Find out more about: CRT San Diego

We are the Keratoconus Clinic to see in San Diego, specializing in treating patients with Keratoconus. Read Dr. Reeder's interview on corneal topography technology for kerataconus.

With our office located in San Diego-North County Inland, Carmel Mountain Vision Care has been serving California's San Diego county since 1979. Schedule an appointment with an optometrist to see how we can help you get the best prescription for your eyes.    


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Dr. Reeder has more than filled the void in my life after the retirement of Dr. Paul Lavin who took care of my eyes from 1987 -2010 (23 years!) . I wish I would have asked my friends for their recommendation much sooner. The technicians at CMVC have been very courteous, professional and swift to adjust contacts and single-vision glasses. I am blessed to have such quality care so close to our home. If my eyes could speak, they would thank you for being correctly assisted. I have fewer headaches, too. ~Anonymous.,San Diego

Everyone is extremely friendly, outgoing, very helpful, and welcoming. Everything was explained in depth and they made sure I understood everything before I left. Overall it was an amazing experience! I'd definitely recommend this place. Thank you for everything!!! ~Angelica O.,San Diego

Fantastic service provided with a true understanding of what the patient is going through. I would highly recommend Carmel Mountain Vision Care to anyone and everyone. ~Mark S.,San Diego

I am always so pleased when I interact with Dr Bytomski or anyone of the staff at Carmel Vision Care. They care about you as a person and patient. Since I no longer have corporate heath and vision insurance they were accommodating in working with my budget constructions. ~Laidino W., Ramona

I was checked in quickly, started the exam on time, selected new glasses within my budget and as always, impressed with the vision and comfort achieved by my contact lens solution. In and out in an hour. Very pleased. ~Anonymous.,San Diego

This place is amazing! I know it sounds strange to say that about optometry but, seriously, it is. This was my first visit to CMVC and I found Dr. Reeder to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and receptive (i.e. didn't dismiss my concerns or issues, found solutions to "everyday" problems I have with my eyes rather than brushing them off). I can't wait to see how healthy my eyes can be with Dr. Reeder on the case! ~Shannon C.,San Diego

Technician was nice and explained every test before she started the process. Dr. Reeder is very nice as usual. He likes to share his knowledge with his patients and feel like his mission is to educate and protect everyone's eye health. ~Winnie C.,San Diego

Very personable friendly people. Dr. Reeder treats me like he has all the time in the world to discuss my eye health. ~Anonymous,San Diego

Dr. Cook was caring as always and found me loaner contacts until mine come in next week. The pre-Doctor tests were done very professionally. ~Ron M.,San Diego

Great service and personal attention. ~Bernadette B.,Escondido

Dr. Bytomski is the best! ~Sara A.,San Diego

Given the emergency situation, I was very impressed by the staff's ability to address my predicament. Not only was my condition diagnosed, but with the help of the staff, my condition was corrected. I would have never believed that my eye condition would be resolved in the space of one day. I want to thank everyone involved for the wonderful support. ~Casimir K.,Escondido

Staff Technicians, Noelle and Lea, were very professional and friendly in assisting my son and me in selecting the perfect pair of prescription glasses. I was particular impressed with Lea on how she listened to my needs and concerns. Great service. We've been going to to this practice for 7 years now. ~Wanda L.,San Diego

I had a wonderful experience at Carmel Mountain Vision Care. I wanted to see if there was an alternative to wearing readers. Dr. Joel Cook worked with me to find just the right solution using contact lenses. I now wear contact lenses that allow me to see both near and far. I'm no longer putting on and taking off glasses constantly during the day to do my work. Carmel Mountain Vision Care has a very efficient process for vision testing and they have all of the latest equipment. Their staff if very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Carmel Mountain Vision Care. ~Patricia J.,San Diego

My family and I have been going here for years and have never had anything other than exceptional service and care. ~Lisa M.,Escondido

The staff were very pleasant and accommodating. Dr Reeder, being a well sought after doctor, took time to examine me and addressed every need I had. I absolutely did not feel rushed at all and he listens to all my eye complains. ~Arjumand D.,San Diego

The whole office is efficient, thorough and polite. The doctors make sure you understand everything before you leave. Always a good experience and you know there is not one aspect of your eyes that haven't been evaluated. ~Sharon H.,San Diego

Very thorough, efficient and friendly. Use of current technology. Confidence your prescription is accurate each and every time! ~Anonymous,San Diego

Dr Sandler was very reassuring and put me at ease. Excellent bedside manner ~Gary L.,San Diego

Our CRT experience with Dr. Reed was excellent. He was very patient and took time to educate us with the eye health. the office is very nice and friendly. Highly recommend!~Anonymous,San Diego

Dr. Reeder and his staff are simply the best in the business. Not only do they use the most up to date technology and resources to care for their patients immediate needs; they provide education and knowledge to help them do everything they can to protect their vision in the years to come.~Nicol L.,San Diego

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